Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Toy story.

The Toy story!!

Sundays in Israel is a holiday for my kids and a working day for my husband. Since my kids go to the American school, they have an off on saturday and sunday. In the diamond bourse its a friday & saturday off! In keeping them busy I always have to device these crazy plans...!
On this sunday I asked Aarush what his "Life Story" was until today.! 
He got confused in the beginning, so I explained him that your life is about how you spend your time besides your compulsory choices (like school, shower etc.). After a moment of thought, he exploded. with talks about his toys loom bands, legos, beyblades, etc etc... and then he was stuck! he said I don't have words to express it! I told him why don't you put on a show of your life story with the help of your toys...? 
And see what idea he came up with!!

I was thinking more in the lines of an act, totally in awe of the subtle way he started gathering his toys, and asked Hridhaan to gather his! I was just looking at them in the beginning thinking where and how I should get involved!! 
My mind couldn't wait for this opportunity to dive in! 
Aren't our lives all about the thoughts we play with? All the times when we try to see why we are what we are, only if we were to see our toys (choices)?? we would understand!! Most of these toys were the ones they chose, the ones they cried for, begged for when I wasn't willing to give in to the demands!! Ya ok, ok! Some of them I thrust upon them, but very few of those are in the picture! sigh!

 Aarush was the architect here. 
He told Hridhaan to put his toys up and he put his toys at the bottom, and at the centre were the toys that were almost common to them! The most brutally fought over for toys!! 
They got the centre stage!! 
Just like the thoughts we fight for the most!! That is why he decided to put in the doctors bag with an ambulance at the centre too! I guess that was for me, coz he knew I was the most hurt when they fought!! I guess you can see their personality traits in their choices of toys too! Hridhaan really is the more mushy and sensitive one, and Aarush the more methodical one! 
How I wish I could align my entire life like this!!
 In one screenshot!

Obviously it was more chaotic earlier, but I helped them arrange it, and add things I thought they would like to or the ones they overlooked!! Obviously the choice was theirs!! 
Isn't that exactly what we parents got to do? Not choose the toys for them, but align them at right levels, help them group it, remind them if they are forgetting something!! 

Why were my boys attracted to different types of toys?
 Not because one was good, smart and intelligent but because they were different personalities! what made the picture more dramatic was their different personalities and the recognition of that. No one likes monotony! They may have needed an ambulance sometimes, but that was ok! The ambulance was meant to be there for exactly that!!

 when we placed everything I didn't realise, but as you know, my mind does these things to me, 
'The Big Book of Everything' seemed so significant!! 
And it was there closed right at the centre!! The power was right there among our choices! We had to just go jump hunt and grab it!!

Another thing and I think my son did it on purpose, is the adding the 'It's not easy being big!' book! It really isn't that easy to live under the burden of someone's expectations just because someone younger is watching you! But then is it easy being small? When you have to constantly try to be someone who is elder than you? So I decided to stop telling my son that he needs to understand because he is big!! Instead I tell him to behave with Hridhaan the way he would expect me to behave with him!! And I remind him of his times when he used to mess up my stuff, (drop it, break it and delete it), and I would get angry, but i would say its OK ultimately! He loves it! And I love him feeling loved!!

We all our fighting our own battles in search of our purpose, so instead of it being a chess board, let it be a playground, a park, where no matter who wins but everyone enjoys!!
There is a universe of plenty out there!!

Shout, scream, march, shatter, yell… do all it takes to get that toy you think u need! Do all that along with never forgetting to believe in your power and the power of the mother (the universe) of getting it to you!! Ok I already see you shouting at wanting to stop this drilling!

I loved this crazy idea we did that day… 
more also because I had never taken enough pictures of my kids with their toys! Haha!! 
Just to make up for that I took pictures of it from all sides! Laugh at me if you have to, but every mother understands this! 

 I moved to the top floor to take a top view of the project, and again! See if you can see it! 

Past all those choices, all our memories all the toys, lay that elevator (literally) that would take us to a different level of higher purpose! But Ya!! You have to pass through them, move them around, fall if you might have to… and when you’re at the edge… you have to take a big leap of faith..!!

“Or just decide to take the stairs!” ;-) I said to my mind!

We are, what we choose we are!!

Now let me get back to putting back those toys!! whew!! ;-/


  1. I would love to know your views and discussions! May you always be blessed with the perfect toys (choices) for you!

  2. The toys define us... i love this innovation... to be in support of the true main joy of life... it brings us to see the under lying faith that we have made, as it exploits itself to find the expansion of love and beauty of youth.... we loved toys as we would see ourselves in them, as our story would unravel and the redundancy of life would fade with time as we saw the imagination grow to take our minds on a joyride of freedom, this story is amazing whereby kids can express their life in count of toys and small items that express us the best.....