Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The view through the 'Broken Glasses' !!

Hello and welcome to our shop she said,
A shop full of bright colours 
where even leather bags didn’t seem dead.

May I help you she offered,
and can I help you I said!

Exchanging our origins and discussing our life,
She told me about her sons beautiful Indian wife!
Years of trials shone through her face,
Her words reflected proudly of her strife!

Awed by the brilliance of the shop,
and feeling the energy around,
from one picture frame to another I would hop!

Her singular action made me stop!

Out she got her beautiful broken glasses,
and searched her iPhone impatiently with hectic passes,
to show me a glimpse of her grandchildren, 
against which, she asserted, nothing else surpasses!

“They are my sunshine”, she said
“and I want to make the world a better place for them”

Such an irony,
That she saw the world to be beautiful with a pair of broken glasses!
Perfection with the help of imperfection and a world full of chances!

“Smile and the world smiles with you!”
 Is her message to the world, she said 
But can we all keep that simple message in our head? 
I turned around and glimpsed at the pop of colour,
was it the surrounding brightness 
that made her a woman of valour?

Because in her simplicity she knew, 
that in this battle there are not just a few,
we all need to play our part,
Smile our smile to keep the world a due.

I didn’t buy anything that day,
coz she had really helped me in her own subtle way,
and I prayed silently, in my life
for this lesson to forever stay.

Note: All this was after a simple lunch at basel street. I love this shop, and I have visited it often. But I never knew it would get me such a beautiful life lesson! Ronit Matalon, unknown to me until today, you put a smile on my face! I love the multi million dollar view from those broken glasses of yours!
So everyone, did you decide to smile today? What is your view of the world today? 

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